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Water Softeners

What they do

Water softener systems are specific ion exchangers that are designed to remove hard mineral ions, which are positively charged.  Softeners mainly remove calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ions. Calcium and magnesium are often referred to as 'hardness minerals'. Softeners and other water treatment equipment are sometimes even applied to remove iron. 

Softeners can operate automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. Each type is rated on the amount of hardness it can remove before regeneration is necessary.
Water softeners collect hardness minerals within its conditioning tank and from time to time flushes them away to the drain.
Ion exchangers are often used for water softening. When an ion exchanger is applied for water softening, it will replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water with other ions, for instance sodium or potassium. The exchanger ions are added to the ion exchanger reservoir as sodium and potassium salts (NaCl and KCl).

Click image for video on how they work

Click image for video on how they work

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Financing available starting as low as $20 a month. Call for more information

Jax Water Conditioning provides high quality water softening systems at affordable prices. We know the purchase of a water softener system can be expensive and confusing but with financing as low as $20 a month you can experience the feeling of soft water and know your house and family are protected without breaking your budget. Give us a call to see if this offer is right for you.

Not sure if you want to buy? Ask us about softener rentals.

Not sure if you want to buy a whole house softener? Not sure how long you are going to be in your house? Not sure if you will like having soft water? Call us today and discuss the option of renting a water softener for your home. For as little as $30 a month you can rent a 48K grain softener for your home. We can even deliver salt for you if you don't want the hassle of carrying heavy bags. Call for more details.

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Each premium water conditioning system is designed to specifically address the water quality issues that are unique to your home providing your family with outstanding water.

Some benefits from a softener system are:

  • Dishes will clean up easily and be virtually spot-free. The gray film that glassware gets when etched with by mineral laden water will disappear. Plus, hands will feel softer and look better.
  • Your soap and shampoo will lather better. Your hair and skin will feel noticeably cleaner, softer and not as dry. Additionally, there will be no soap scum or mineral deposits to clean off sinks, showers, tub or toilets.
  • Appliances that use soft water will last longer and run better. Why? Because water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers using hard water can wear out 30% faster.

Key features of our premium systems

  • Highest quality and dependability on the market
  • Low maintenance 
  • User friendly control panel
  • Meter monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on household trend of water consumption
  • All Vesta controls feature solid state microprocessors with easy access front panel settings
  • The salt monitoring system provides a visual alarm when your brine tank needs to be refilled
  • Double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency
  • Fully adjustable regeneration cycles - saves salt and water
  • Days override feature from 1 to 28 days available
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in non-volatile memory
  • Treated water regenerant refill
  • Contains 10% ion exchange resin compared to 8% offered with other systems, offering more durability and longer life span
  • Stylish tank cover and matching brine tank are standard with every system
  • Choice of square or round brine tanks
  • Wide choice of systems available depending on specific needs. 
  • Basic resin systems avaiable
  • Dual media carbon/resin systems available
  • Iron /Sulphur air injection systems available
  • Carbon filters available
  • Lead and cyst filters available
  • Salt free systems available

Dual media conditioners are designed to treat chlorine, hardness, tastes and odors in the water. The Mid-Vortech™ tank maximizes the media efficiency with two separate media chambers in one tank. The lower chamber contains the media to soften your water, and the upper chamber has an activated carbon to remove objectionable tastes and odors. It may be possible to also utilize this chamber for an alternative filter media to treat your specific water issues. 

At the heart of the Vesta softening system is the control valve. The control has been engineered to provide years of trouble-free service. The key to the exceptional quality of the control valve is in the state-of-art design. Vesta solid state microprocessors monitor and self-adjust the regeneration frequency of the system. A battery backup retains all the settings programmed into control valve while the attractive two-toned gray finish makes it a standout among contemporary home appliances.

PIONEER™ is specifically designed at a 0.5-micron nominal filtration level, to remove both particulate and soluble lead from your drinking water. Soluble lead is invisible, odorless, tasteless, and needs to be chemically removed from water. Particulate lead is like a tiny grain of sand that needs to be physically removed from water. The PIONEER™ POE filter is strategically designed to remove BOTH forms of lead contamination from the whole house in a single filter.

Soluble/Ionic lead: PIONEER™ binders are designed to chemically react with soluble lead to create an ionic bond, kinetically removing lead from the water. Ionic bonding is a chemical bond that involves the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions, and is the primary interaction occurring in ionic compounds. Ionic bonds form when a nonmetal (binder/adsorbent) and a metal (lead) exchange electrons, as they do in PIONEER™.

Particulate lead: PIONEER™ filter is specifically engineered to physically remove and filter lead particles from water which is often found as a result of corroded lead pipes.

*The PIONEER™ POE filter has been tested for use at standard and peak flow rates for BOTH forms of lead. The Water Quality Platinum Seal and UPC shield demonstrate the certification by IAPMO R&T.

Say goodbye to small and inefficient housings. Get rid of expensive stainless steel housings. The ENPRESS Cartridge Tank® is a direct replacement for small and inefficient 2½” or 4½” housings, or expensive stainless steel cartridge housings, and offers extended service and life, and a more costeffective and efficient filtration solution.

Utilizing ENPRESS’ patented industry exclusive liner design and no tools necessary snap-ring design; Full radial seal top and bottom caps make replacement simple. Cartridge Tank® makes it easy to access and remove the internal filtration solution. Lightweight and cost effective residential Point of Entry (POE) installations for city and well water applications, this is the filtration solution of the future…100% non-metallic! The Cartridge Tank® is a high performance, NSF 42 listed device and has been tested to 100 psi operating pressure with 4:1 Burst Safety Factor.

The Filtration Cartridge Systems can be used to filter a variety of contaminants, from taste and odor issues to sediment and fine particulate reduction requirements.

The Residential System features the complete cartridge tank system with a black 8x40 inch pressure vessel, pressure relief cap and 1-1/4" plumbing connections configured at the bottom of the housing. 

Height: 39-3/4"

Diameter: 8"

Inlet and Outlet: 1-1/4"

Max PSI: 100

Material: Fiberglass w/ Poly Liner

Clack - Resin Only Water Softener

Resin Softener With Clack Control Valve

Clack's WS1 Automatic valve is a state of the art control head designed for residential and commercial applications requiring flow rates up to 27 GPM (6.1 M3/hr). It has a backwash ability capable of servicing up to 22" diameter tanks.

The valve acts as a primary center that directs and regulates all cycles of water softeners or filtration. It can be set to perform downflow regeneration or simply backwash and rinse.

The valve comes in different program versions and is controlled by a solid state microprocessor with front panel setting and screen display. Clack is the only choice for your whole house water softener.


  • Clack WS1 metered valve
  • Available in 1.0cf, 1.5cf, and 2.0 cf sizes
  • 8% crosslink resin
  • Bypass valve
  • Salt tank
  • Main water shut off valve installed
  • 180 lbs of salt
  • Optional second tank with carbon and in/out head
  • ​5 yr warranty on valve 10 yrs on tanks

Clack WS1 Water Softener

Clack WS1 Water Softener

Fleck 5600

Fleck 5600 Water Softener

48,000 Grain Softener includes the Fleck 5600 meter valve with 1600 time brining, 

3/4"" stainless steel bypass, 

black polyglass mineral tank, 

basket riser and standard mesh resin.

Brine tank
Upgrade your softener with the SXT electronic controller.

Water Softener systems, Fleck 5600 control valve

Water Softener systems, Fleck 5600 control valve

Fleck 5600 SXT

Water Softener, Fleck Water Softener, Fleck 5600 SXT

Fleck Automatic Meter Sytem

The Fleck 5600SXT is the most popular and well regarded water softener from the Fleck range. This classic model has stood the test of time, and has recently received an upgrade to its design. Gone is the aging mechanical meter, and now in its place is a 21st century electronic meter. The new meter has all the functionality of the old, but is more accurate and easier to use. Fleck state that in testing these new meters have been seen to run continuously for 27 years! This water softener’s design is so efficient and effective that a simple meter upgrade was all that was needed to improve on an already impressive unit.

Available in a range of sizes, to suit the water softening needs of any household. Grain capacities of 16,000, 24,000, 32,000, 40,000, 48,000, and 64,000 are now available. For the purpose of this review we will concentrate on the 48,000 grain sized model. Anyway, let’s take a look at how effective the Fleck softener is.

Replacement Parts - Clack, Fleck, Autotrol

Brine Tanks

Water Softener Brine Tank

Brine Tanks 


Autotrol water softener control valves

Autotrol  Valves and parts


Feck 5600 water softener control valve

Fleck Valves and parts

Replacement Control Valves

Clack water softener control valve

Just need to replace the control valve instead of buying a whole new system? We have Clack and Fleck replacement valves 


Clack water softener replacement parts

Clack parts available 

Carbon Replacement

Activated carbon replacement media

We carry activated carbon for replacement 

Resin Replacement

Water Softener resin replacement media

We carry ion exchange resin in 1cf bags

Gravel Bed

Water Softener underbed replacement Gravel

We carry 25 lb bags of gravel for DIY replacement of resin beds

Distributor Tubes

Water Softener Distributor Tube replacement parts

Distributor tubes and accessories


Water Softener Salt

Morton salt in 60lb bags available for delivery or pickup


whole house filters and filter housings

Assorted filters available for whole home pre-filter systems as well as popular commercial brands for restaurants